Video games video and my uncle going mad

A lot has changed in the situation of video games since I started playing on an Atari console Pong with my uncle, a video games collector. Nowadays there is a wide range of types, genres and platforms of video games and a high diversification of the market.
Most of video games are developed in North America, U.K. and Japan, since these are also the most significant markets. Germany is also considered as a large market. The video game industry is emerging and so do software and localisation companies.
A big controversy of the development of video games refers to their social and educational impact. Games that show brutal violence, like Street Fighter, have been subject of censorship and criticism, especially after school boys ran amok and shot down their classmates. Politicians and experts, for example in Germany, are discussing at the present time how to draw benefits out of video games and their multiple functions.
The last days I had the chance to see a quite old documentary about video games. Take a look yourself here.
And if you want to see, what happend to my uncle, you can visit his video games' blog here.

Amendment 19.06.2016: If I remember well, this was a test text I had to write within 45 minutes or so as I applied for a job in a larger video games localisation company in Marbella, Spain. I don´t remember the assignment, but I got the job and worked there for a while besides my studies at Universidad de Málaga as a (linguistic) bug hunter, a task between proofreading and video games testing.

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