The daughters of Ciudad Juarez

Last week I posted here a call for urgent help for the relatives of the murdered and disappeared women and girls of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. I would like to have your attention towards their campaign in general. For over 10 years women and girls are being disappeared and some of them found murdered under horrible and brutal circumstances in the border city Ciudad Juarez of the federal state Chihuahua in Mexico and the desert around the city. Since 1993 there have been more than 460 women murdered and over 600 disappeared. The authorities are not doing anything substantial and in many cases they are boycotting the investigations. On the other hand the relatives and friends of the victims, as well as foreign scientists and organisations are trying to make aware of the problem and to push the authorities in the US and Mexico to handle. Scientists are calling this phenomenon a femicidio (femicide), that 's a crime against humanity. The organisation nuestras hijas de regreso a casa is doing awareness work.Two years ago, I had the honour to host a remarkable woman of the organisation, who spoke on the subject in Leipzig, Germany. If you have a minute left just check the following link and sign the petition of the organisation towards the US- and Mexican authorities. Thanks a lot.
Image Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa

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